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What the course teaches


Practical application

First and foremost, the course is 90% practical. Critical Thinking is a team process, and one can only believe that when one sees it working in newly formed teams.

UX Design Team


Our problem structuring process is enabled through teams. If we tried to run this as theory, to individuals, little would be imparted, and nothing would stick. That is the real merit of our 15 years of experience training, and using, this skill.

Sharing Ideas

Ah-Ha moments

Much of our teachings are "ah-ha" moments. These are so simple and compelling, they prove that our approach works, for anyone. Our students say again and again, that this is what proves to them that our methodology works across all problem types, from personal life, through to tough corporate consulting.

Drawing Time


Never before has anyone used the pure logic of Critical Thinking, to guarantee stunningly creative solutions. In fact we only discovered this trick in the past 5 years. We teach the logic, then show how to twist this to force innovative outcomes. It has to be seen to be believed.

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