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We have been running the course for over 15 years in SA. Our clients span large corporates where they do all of management, through SA's top business schools, and down to numerous small businesses. We are currently creating a high school version of the course to be run late 2023.

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The first client to ask us to teach them how we (ex McKinsey managers) consult. The course was built for them and run over multiple years


Run for all graduates upwards, over multiple years


Run over multiple years for management upwards


Africa's largest NGO, founded by one of our facilitators, and run on the principle of solving SA's biggest issues through Creative Critical Thinking


Here we were brought in to teach consultants to consult. We ran at their annual African Management Conference, and every graduate intake program since 2018-2023.


Run at UCT Business School as part of the curriculum


Run at GIBS Business School as part of the curriculum


Run at Henley Business School as part of the curriculum

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