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High School Kids' Critical Thinking Course

Parents cannot control everything. Schools do not teach this. Let us do it for you

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Why kids?

Kids go through some tough decisions, and they act emotively. We teach them how to step back, and create logic that is resistant to peer pressure. We believe that all of us go through 12 (somewhat sequential) key decision points in our lives, and if we get these right, we thrive. When we get them wrong, our life path is bent downwards. 2 or 3 bad decisions and that trajectory becomes irrecoverable - you know many such people: All of this can be solved by Critical Thinking, aka Problem Solving, or Mindfulness:

  1. Your social circle

  2. Education level

  3. First career

  4. Life/work balance

  5. Geographic location
  6. First spouse
  7. Parenthood

  8. Resisting (else managing) vices

  9. Personal development

  10. Entrepreneurship

  11. Health management

  12. Financial mgnt

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Some of the benefits of Critical Thinking skills

  • Critical Thinking is listed several times on the WEF list of skills for future (see our "Why" page, first block)

  • CT is simply not taught at school, and in fact kids in SA only get exposed, tangentially, when studying Engineering or Actuarial sciences.

  • It is confidence building. No longer is one overwhelmed with information, but one is able to break issues down into manageable chunks, and understand them better than anyone else, even looking intelligent.

  • It is the basis of good communications and arguments.

  • We show how teamwork works.

  • Critical Thinking is often called Mindfulness for a reason; it makes kids impervious to misinformation; they simply know the  questions to ask

  • We teach introverts how to work and win alongside extroverts. Neither inclination is better than the other, but kids need to know how to use their traits best

College Friends

Our one-day courses

We offer a series of courses, from the basics that every kid needs, through to more advanced modules we only expect the more enthusiastic to attend:

  • MECE issue trees; how to think logically yet creatively, how to look intelligent when overwhelmed with data. See our business course "How, Day 1" for the content. Our exercises are re-designed for kids.

  • Communications; How to communicate with people such that they listen. How to avoid rambling such that your target audience tunes out. How to create a compelling argument. See our business course "How, Day 2" for the content. Our exercises are re-designed for kids

  • Life decisions; Here we use the above to run through real-world issues that the kids bring to us. Across a group of 30 participants, we usually find 10 common themes, and the kids get to solve and present on all of them in teams.

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We're not cheap, we know. But do look at our facilitators. These are the experienced business people your kids will be exposed to, and we simply cannot go cheaper without increasing the attendees, which would reduce the impact.

  • Pricing is per course

  • R4'500 per student (incl VAT)

  • Our classes range from 20-30 students, from various schools

  • We keep students within a 2-year age band

  • We offer a R20k discount on the course, where a school coordinates a minimum of 20 students, collects payment, and provides a venue

  • Courses can be run in the week or on weekends

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