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Critical Thinking Training

What do we teach our staff in a world of such extreme uncertainty? How do we ensure productivity when competing in an economy armed with AI? How can our people be assured of jobs, whilst the rest of the world experiences tech-driven unemployment?

The WEF and McKinsey have identified the skills required for the future, and Critical Thinking (aka Problem Solving) dominates these lists. Yet it is not taught in SA schools, nor anywhere in SA except at the top tier consulting firms, which very few get to access.

  • A McKinsey survey of 18,000 people in 15 countries, distills the skills required to future-proof citizens’ ability to work

  • None of these skills are taught in SA, neither at school, and only indirectly at some university courses

  • Experienced adults need this, school kids need it just as much

  • Click here to see all 56 foundational skills in 4 quadrants. Green ticks show the skills we specifically cover on this course

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Three ex-McKinsey managers have created a course to teach these skills to senior management, run more than 100 times across top SA companies, such as SAB, Alan Grey, SBSA, ABSA, Right-to-Care, Deloitte, and MBA programmes at GIBS, UCT and Henley

Our full day face-to-face training, from charismatic and proven SA business leaders, has real impact when compared to virtual learning. It is a blend of interactive sessions, with real-world case studies and exercises, that guarantees an engaging and enriching experience. We teach how problem solving is best done in teams.


Our Critical Thinking course empowers your team to navigate complex challenges and make informed decisions with confidence. It is designed to equip your team with the tools to dissect problems, evaluate alternatives, and action outcomes. This is not just a course, but a transformative journey that will enhance your team's cognitive abilities and foster a culture of strategic thinking and innovation:

  • Problem solving: How consultants solve any problem, in any environment, despite not having the same deep insight as tenured managers

  • Solutions, not problems: Easily and rapidly changing the entire management culture to one of team solutioning

  • Strategic thinking: How to map out all possible options, and confidently select the best (sometimes of the worst) ways forward

  • Creative/innovative solutions: Our unique methodology forces incredibly creative solutions, yet via a learnable structured process

  • Converting intelligence into action: A key missing skills gap in SA, our framework gives candidates the confidence to act

  • Useful life skills: A strong focus on personal application, leaves candidates feeling developed and valued as people, not workforce tools

  • Pyramid communication: How consultants win an executive's mind, whereas employees fail on the same message (optional second day)

In a Meeting

We have a risk-free pricing model, to demonstrate our confidence:

  • We are happy to do a 2hr sales pitch to senior management, which does a good job of demonstrating the content’s value

  • Each course is only paid for if delegates provide enthusiastically positive feedback (suggested criteria: more than 50% say they would have paid out of their own pocket)

  • Corporate pricing is R110'000+VAT for 20 delegates, or R135k+VAT for 30. Full day of in-person attendance required. Venue to be provided/arranged by client. Travel costs plus 1 night for 2 persons charged extra, only if outside of JHB.

  • School pricing is here


FutureForesight is a level 1, 51% black woman owned business, and our support staff are all black SA graduates.

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