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How we train Critical Thinking in a truly unique and sticky manner


Day One

  • Truly interactive group sessions

  • We start with basic school-kid conundrums, and show how bad the groups are at solving them

  • We then show how CT solves the problems in 2 minutes each

  • A short theory segment covers building MECE issue trees (the core of CT)

  • Next we show how real life issues can be structured this way

  • We move to a more complex problem, and solve it logically

  • But then we apply a creative twist, and show how using pure logic, we can get to incredibly innovative/creative solutions

  • At the end of day 1, we solve a real world McKinsey case study, to prove the system works where you have zero expertise

Business Presentation

Day Two (optional)

  • Structure communications using the MECE issue tree

  • We show how MECE issues trees from day one, are used to build a structured story-line

  • Most importantly we show how this guarantees that you have ticked off every option, and why your "watch" is the one that should be believed

  • We teach the Situation Complication Resolution framework, and when to re-order that and why

  • In short, this is what changed managers into executives

Garment Shop


  • We run 1 & 2 day courses; pricing is per day

  • R6'500 per head, minimum 20 heads (ie R130k+VAT for up to 20 attendees)

  • R4'500 per head for additional attendees up to a maximum of 30 (ie R175k+VAT for 30 attendees)

  • We suggest doing one course with your most senior management, and working down through the organisation until feedback starts to show diminishing returns (generally we don't do non graduates - they love it, but don't use the skills)

  • We offer optional follow-on coaching; 20 MECE issue trees supported for R40'000+VAT. Here we suggest allocating a bucket of support, and allowing a first-come-first-served model for attendees that show the inclination

  • Venue, catering and facilitator flights and accommodation to be arranged and covered by client

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