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Telecoms Consulting

Based on our world-leading model of all national operators in any given market

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Modelling for strategic guidance

With years of experience and a best-of-breed telecommunications model, our people have the capabilities and expertise to take your decision making to the next level. At Future Foresight, we combine the insight we gain from our models and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. Our model is covered extensively elsewhere on this site.

Operator valuations & Acquisitions

We model the entire country to ensure a realistic model (see our modelling page). Our valuation as defendable, and we invariably do a far more defendable job than an Investment Bank we've met around the world, any operator can be trusted to do themselves, and even any acquiring operator is capable of. 

Our models result in outputs for bankable feasibility, and fund raising documents, and our work includes presenting and defending the valuation.

Business Meeting
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License, IMT and WOAN bids

We've led winning bids into markets as diverse as SA, and Iran, and ranging from CDMA licenses, through MVNO, to spectrum. Bid management has a lot to do with managing multiple scenarios; what the regulator wants to see, vs what the team will actually do and present to bankers. A key part is always the infrastructure vendor financing, which we manage carefully.

Fund raising and IM's

Our model is very flexible, and manages various vendor financing mechanisms. Minimising the remaining equity portion is always key to success, and we have much experience in doing that.

Dollar Notes
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