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Critical Thinking Training

What makes top consulting firms so good at entering a new industry, finding the issues, and communicating them such that the CEO implements the recommendations? A team of highly experienced consulting partners believe they have distilled the answer, and have run a course to teach this to senior managers more than 100 times, across SA’s top companies.

This is the key to converting intelligence into action

  • Companies hire intelligent people, but their lack of confidence in their own decisions paralyses them, and their inability to sell a decision results in a cycle of undermined confidence 

  • We see this particularly with people who did not have a C-Suite-level parent; they have never been guided in structured thinking and communication, and their strong storytelling skills struggle in corporate SA 

  • When a corporate ingrains this methodology into all levels of management, then managing becomes way easier in that problems arrive pre-structured and ready for approval, rather than as a blank sheet.

Business Meeting

The program addresses two primary and core consulting skills, which all managers in any business should have

  • Problem solving: how consultants solve any problem, in any environment, despite not having the same deep insight as tenured managers

  • Pyramid communication: how consultants win an executive's mind, whereas employees fail on the same message (1-day course excludes this portion)

Communicating Through Signs

The course has been designed and road tested to quickly move from theory into application

  • The genesis of the course is client demand for training that “teaches our managers the skills that top consultants display”

  • The course is fundamentally based on McKinsey’s problem-solving methodology and new-associate training, but has evolved substantially

  • Starting with conundrums, and moving onto real life problems, and ultimately a McKinsey case study, the course proves that the theory solved real problems incredibly quickly, using pure logic, and yet ensuring creativity in a method that may well be a world first in marrying logic with creative problem solving.

  • It has been road tested more than 100 times, over 15 years, in corporate clients such as Alan Grey, SBSA, ACSA, and MBA programmes at GIBS, UCT, Henley, and Deloitte.

  • It has proven valuable for graduates, through to the most senior managers in SA. It does not work for non-graduates (they love it, but rarely get to apply it) 

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