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Leadership training from highly experienced strategy consultants
& Deep telecomms strategy modelling

Leadership training from highly experienced strategy consultants

What makes top consulting firms so good at entering a new industry, finding the issues, and communicating them such that the CEO implements the recommendations? A team of highly experienced consulting partners believe they have distilled the answer, and have run a course to teach this to senior managers more than 100 times, across SA’s top companies.

Project Meeting

Deep telecomms strategy modelling

Future Foresight is a strategy consulting firm that helps telecommunications businesses gain deep insight into the impact that today's developments will have on their future existence.

Founded in 2000 by McKinsey and Mitchell Madison managers, we use world-leading telecoms modelling to bring deep strategic guidance, and valuation work, to our clients.

Our proprietary scenario-driven modelling approach allows for multiple considerations, comparisons, and option analyses to develop real insights.

We believe we can defend claims that our model is the best in the world, and that it has likely been used to win more license bids than any other.

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